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Paul A. Goldberg, M.P.H., D.C., D.A.C.B.N.
Clinical Nutritionist, Clinical Epidemiologist, Diplomate of The American Clinical Board of Nutrition, Certified Natural Hygiene Practitioner

"Causes Identified... Causes Addressed... Health Restored"

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis of G.I. or Allergic Origin
  • Other Rheumatoid and
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chronic Digestive/ Gastro Intestinal Disorders
  • IBS, IBD, Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Functional Blood Sugar Disorders
  • Functional Depression
  • Pre-Mature Aging
  • Functional Hormone Issues
  • Headaches/Migraine
    Muscle/Joint/Spine Issues
  • Weight Problems
  • Skin Related Issues
  • Stress Related Syndromes
  • Yeast Related Problems
  • Other Chronic Health Issues

Diagnosed With
Rheumatoid Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

Physicians told Dr. Goldberg as a young man that he would be permanently crippled by severe rheumatoid disease, accompanied by advanced ulcerative colitis, environmental allergies, chronic fatigue and psoriasis (see picture on left). Through the study and disciplined application of nutritional biochemistry, clinical epidemiology and natural hygiene, he recovered his health (current picture on right).
Since that time, for over thirty years, Dr. Goldberg has successfully helped chronically ill patients from across the U.S. recover from a wide variety of difficult, chronic, conditions by carefully seeking out and addressing the individual causes of ill health.
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Patient Letters, Page 6

The first fifty are patient letters alone.  For a more in depth look at some of our patients successes an additional Sixty Seven Case Studies are accompanied by a clinical explanation of the patient's background by Dr. Goldberg. There are also an additional Twenty Four Rheumatoid Disease case studies focusing on patients with Rheumatoid Diseases.

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"I don't think it was any one thing that enabled me to become pregnant, but it was the cumulative effect of my physical, spiritual, emotional and mental housekeeping that prepared the nest for my Jake. It all started with Dr. Goldberg and for that I will forever be thankful to him. It has been very empowering to take charge of my own health and the choices surrounding my life."

Following conditions are addressed in these letters:
  1.  chronic fatigue
  2.  rheumatoid arthritis
  3.   Crohn's disease

January 7, 2008


Dear Dr. Goldberg and Bianca:

I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me. My health is now better than it has been in years. You have been kind when needed and firm when needed as well.

When I came here I was suffering from self-diagnosed chronic fatigue. I had been to all manner of other health practitioners seeking help. None could pinpoint the problem. The last one prescribed anti-depressants and amphetamines. I told him that I wanted to try one more thing first and if that doesn't work I would take  his medication. You see how desperate I was!

Thankfully the one last thing was you. I have been seeing you for less than a year and am already so much better. My health is still improving. For the first time in years my primary issue is not my health. I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you,


Teresa L. Dingle


January 11, 2008


Dr. Goldberg:


I can't thank you enough for the help you have given me in changing my life with Rheumatoid Arthritis. When I came to you I was desperate. I was taking 600 mgs. Advil every 4-5 hours for pain, along with 1300 mgs. Tylenol Arthritis every twelve hours and darvocet in the evenings to help relieve the pain so I could sleep. Still, I was able to only get a few hours sleep per night.

Two weeks after following your plan for my recovery, I stopped taking anything for pain. I also stopped taking blood pressure medicine. My blood pressure now runs a healthy 110/68 with no medication. I still have morning stiffness and little pain a few of my joints but I feel like I have my life back. Health wise, I feel better than I have in 20-30 years. I know its going to be a long road, but I also know it's going to be worth the outcome.


Tommy Williams


July 24, 2007

From Terry and Daphine Ferrell of McDonough, Georgia

To: Dr. Paul A. Goldberg of the Goldberg Clinic

Re: The Recovery of our son Matthew from Crohn's disease under your care

Dear Dr. Goldberg:

Please find below the events that led us to you and how you brought about good health for Matthew from his Crohn's disease.

Our son, Matthew Ferrell, initially went to the doctor for a modest sinus infection in 2004 and the physician prescribed an antibiotic Augmentin to treat it with. Matthew took the medication as prescribed by the physician. Immediately after finishing the first prescription, Matthew began having blood in his stools. We brought him back to the doctor and she prescribed several different medications without any of them being effective.

Matthew was then referred to a gastroenteritis who gave him more antibiotics and then performed exploratory surgery. Matthew was then diagnosed with Clostridium difficile brought on by the antibiotics. He was given more medication from the gastroenteritis to treat this illness without success. In December 2004 Matthew was admitted to the hospital for bloody stools and was diagnosed by the gastroenteritis with Crohn's disease. We were told that the Crohn's disease was drug induced from the antibiotics that had been prescribed for our child.

Matthew was prescribed Prednisone (Steroids), which initially stopped the bleeding but with a tremendous amount of side effects. At one time, Matthew's body swelled up terribly and he was in agony with pain. Over the next year, this was the only real treatment that the G.I. doctors had to offer.

Due to our faith, we knew there had to be another way. We were led to read about a man named Jordan Rubin who was diagnosed with Crohn's and was able to help himself by intensive study and prayer, learning how to help his body heal itself. This was in direct conflict with the G.I. doctor and led to confrontations with him. Our objective was to work with doctors but we did not feel that the prednisone was the answer. In our opinion and from what we observed, it was only making things worse. At the age of 10, Matthew also experienced a tremendous amount of depression from the disease and the drugs he had been given.

We then found Dr. Paul Goldberg of the Goldberg Clinic, a responsible, natural, physician with an extensive background in clinical nutrition, clinical epidemiology, public health and Chiropractic. Dr. Paul Goldberg has many years of extensive successful experience in helping other people with chronic diseases such as Chron's disease. I think it also helps that Dr. Goldberg was very ill himself as a young man with ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid diseases and able to relate to other people with serious health issues. We thought at first we could get our son well on our own but found we needed help as each person we discovered, is an individual onto themselves needing a personal evaluation and guidance.

We came to Dr Goldberg when our son's weight was considerably below average and the Crohn's disease was very active. Dr. Goldberg carefully examined Matthew and reassured us that there was hope that Matthew could overcome this disease if we were willing to work hard and be patient. He told us that his approach would not be treating the symptoms called Crohn's disease but that he would work to address the casual factors leading to the disease and thereby allow the body to recover it's health without the use of toxic drugs or surgery.

After following the individualized health plan Dr. Goldberg worked up for him along with Dr. Goldberg's ongoing supervision and guidance, Matthew began to flourish. It took some time for the specific neutraceuticals, diet plan and other specific hygienic measures that Dr. Goldberg advised us on to begin working as Matthew was a very sick little boy, but Dr. Goldberg told us that it would take time and hard work to be successful.

Today, Matthew is gaining weight and growing normally. He looks good and feels very well. It has been over a year and a half since Matthew has been admitted to the hospital and had any significant stomach pains. He no longer has intestinal issues. He no longer has depression. He no longer has any of the signs of Crohn's disease.

Insurance does not cover the expenses of working with these types of problems through natural methods. Matthew was admitted to the hospital several times and received several blood transfusions due to the overuse of prednisone. This led to a large amount of medical bills for my family.

We are forever grateful to Dr. Goldberg. It is due to Dr. Goldberg's care for our son that he is today healthy and vibrant, recovered from a disease that we were told was incurable.


Terry & Daphine Ferrell

Dr. Paul Goldberg himself recovered from severe rheumatoid arthritis and colitis

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