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Clinical Nutritionist, Clinical Epidemiologist, Diplomate of The American Clinical Board of Nutrition, Certified Natural Hygiene Practitioner

"Causes Identified... Causes Addressed... Health Restored"

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis of G.I. or Allergic Origin
  • Other Rheumatoid and
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chronic Digestive/ Gastro Intestinal Disorders
  • IBS, IBD, Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Functional Blood Sugar Disorders
  • Functional Depression
  • Pre-Mature Aging
  • Functional Hormone Issues
  • Headaches/Migraine
    Muscle/Joint/Spine Issues
  • Weight Problems
  • Skin Related Issues
  • Stress Related Syndromes
  • Yeast Related Problems
  • Other Chronic Health Issues

Diagnosed With
Rheumatoid Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

Physicians told Dr. Goldberg as a young man that he would be permanently crippled by severe rheumatoid disease, accompanied by advanced ulcerative colitis, environmental allergies, chronic fatigue and psoriasis (see picture on left). Through the study and disciplined application of nutritional biochemistry, clinical epidemiology and natural hygiene, he recovered his health (current picture on right).
Since that time, for over thirty years, Dr. Goldberg has successfully helped chronically ill patients from across the U.S. recover from a wide variety of difficult, chronic, conditions by carefully seeking out and addressing the individual causes of ill health.
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The first fifty are patient letters alone.  For a more in depth look at some of our patients successes an additional Sixty Seven Case Studies are accompanied by a clinical explanation of the patient's background by Dr. Goldberg. There are also an additional Twenty Four Rheumatoid Disease case studies focusing on patients with Rheumatoid Diseases.

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"I don't think it was any one thing that enabled me to become pregnant, but it was the cumulative effect of my physical, spiritual, emotional and mental housekeeping that prepared the nest for my Jake. It all started with Dr. Goldberg and for that I will forever be thankful to him. It has been very empowering to take charge of my own health and the choices surrounding my life."

Following conditions are addressed in these 7 letters:
  1. Asthma, allergies, chronic cough, shortness of breath
  2. Seizures
  3. Seizures
  4. Irritable bowel syndrome, chronic diarrhea with mucus and blood, gas and bloating, fatigue
  5. High cholesterol, sciatic nerve pain, arthritis, congestion, diarrhea, muscle cramps
  6. High cholesterol,
  7. Infertility
  8. Mitochondrial Disease in Teenager
  9. Irritable Bowel Syndrome


July 13, 2000
Dear Dr. Goldberg,

        I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you, and to share my success story with your patients in hopes of encouraging them to follow your words of wisdom. Although I write for a living, I am truly at a loss for words in expressing my gratitude to you. Your care has truly been priceless.

        I came to Dr. Goldberg after suffering from allergy-induced asthma for more than eight years. I had a chronic cough and shortness of breath both of which were growing increasingly worse, greatly affecting the quality of my life. The smallest climate change, exercise or odor would set off a horrible asthmatic coughing episode. My family, friends and co-workers were concerned for my health, and my worst fear was that my condition was getting so bad it would surely turn into something life threatening if I didn't get help. Over the past 8 years I had seen a host of doctors. You name it, I tried it, spending a small fortune in the process. I saw Pulmonologists, Allergy and Immunology Specialists, Accupuncturists, Chiropractors, and Psychologists. Most agreed I had allergy-induced asthma, but scratch tests were inconclusive for food allergies and environmental allergies were not severe enough to warrant the severe symptoms I was suffering. I also did all kinds of reading on my own and tried elimination diets to no avail. My husband, a student of Dr. Goldberg's encouraged me to see him. I was hesitant, thinking what else could he possibly do or tell me that none of the other doctors had. Desperate, I eventually made an appointment. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Goldberg and read his book "Your Questions Answered" from cover to cover. It was easy to read, filled with truth, and made so much sense. Within a week of my first visit, the lab work Dr. Goldberg ordered revealed that I have severe allergies to milk and eggs. (Scratch tests and tests done by allergists over the years had repeatedly showed no evidence of food allergies.) It was that simple but so many other doctors had failed to help me. Dr. Goldberg put me on a strict diet. It wasn't easy at first, but is worth the effort. Within a week I was feeling better. Within two weeks I had more energy than I had in years. I can't tell you how much better I feel and how much the quality of my life has improved. I am grateful beyond words. Dr. Goldberg also helped me to truly understand the importance of what we chose to fuel our bodies with. I thought I was a pretty healthy eater, having been an athlete since childhood, a personal trainer and yoga instructor and reading and writing all about health and nutrition in my work over the past ten years. I was wrong. I am now eating more live, whole foods and am gradually cutting out all processed foods. It isn't always the easiest or fastest thing, but it is the best thing.

        As a patient and now a life-long friend of Dr. Goldberg's I congratulate you for taking this step. I encourage you to read Dr. Goldberg's book and to take whatever steps he prescribes. You will not be disappointed. You are in great hands.

        Thank you, again, Dr. Goldberg.

Julianne D. Misra
CNN's "Your Health"


August 14, 2000

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

I recently came to see you because I was having seizures. I had been having them for about 2 months at the time of my first appointment with you. I had been to every doctor trying to find out what was wrong with me. No one could find anything. I heard about your work through my husband, who at the time was a chiropractic student and had you as a teacher. When I first began your program I was skeptical but had exhausted all other options. You ran tests and found out that my amino acids were dangerously low and I had a few food allergies. You put me on a strict diet, had me take lots a vitamins, and had me rest properly. My seizures started getting better. I was still having them but they were happening less and less. Its been almost a year since I started with Dr. Goldberg and I haven't had a seizure in three months. I owe everything to you doc, you got me back on track and more than anything you got me healthy. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. I'm hoping to be able to drive by November. I encourage anyone having any kind of medical problems to come and see Dr. Goldberg. He's truly a wonderful man. Again, thank you for all your help.

Britne H. Bone


November 22, 2000

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

        My name is Britne Bone. I was a patient of yours about a year ago. I came to you with seizures. I had tried everything but nothing seemed to work.

        But today is a very special day in my life because of you. I have went 6 months without having a seizure!! And today is the exact day from the very beginning when I first started having them. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to you. I have started a job and I am going to begin school in January to get my degree in education.
        Not being able to drive or work for a year really took its toll on me but that time has passed. I am so much stronger mentally and physically since beginning your program. I finally realized that I have to listen to my body. I get proper rest and I eat good. I feel like a new person.
        I wanted to let you know how I was doing and that I made it to the 6 months "grace period". I am very confident that I will never have any more problems as long as I do what I am supposed to. Thank you so much for everything you've done. I am forever grateful to you. God Bless You!!!!!

Your friend,

Britne Bone
Jackson, Tennessee


June 23, 1996

Dear Dr. Goldberg and Bianca:

This was not an easy letter to write. I am full of joy at being out of pain and able to be active again, but angry that I suffered so intensely for many years by Medical Doctors and Chiropractors I went to who allowed me to keep coming to them without addressing the causes of my illness.

For your patients that read this, here is my account:

In 1988 after three years of having "irritable bowel syndrome" I began having chronic diarrhea with mucus and blood in my stool. I also had had my share of gas and bloating for years before that, and as you pointed out, also had been having a good deal of fatigue for a number of years. I did not realize how deep the fatigue was untill after you worked with me and I recovered my vitality. I had forgotten what it was like to feel good.

I went to my Chiropractor who I'd seen for back care for years. He said I should see a Medical Doctor. The Medical Doctor had my bowels scoped and diagnosed ulcerative colitis. I was given steroids and, and the symptoms went away for 3 months, although I remained fatigued and my bowels irritable. I began to suffer with side effects from the steroids and the amounts had to be reduced. Then all symptoms came back worse then before. I was passing blood and mucus with severe cramping. I began having muscle pains, and became afraid to go out for fear of having to run to the bathroom. The pains became worse and my joints began to hurt. I became very depressed.

I liked to walk but it hurt too much. My back hurt worse and I went to Chiropractors as I had been, except more often but got no relief despite going back and back. They smiled a lot and gave me hugs, but after years of going to them without help, I began to feel it was an act and that I was being used simply to squeeze out my insurance.

I remained under the care of a medical doctor and gastroenterologist, and they gave me lots of drugs which made me more ill.

This went on for about six years with ups and downs (mostly downs). My social life was gone. At thirty five years I felt more like eighty five. I went through a divorce. I don't blame my husband who put up with all my complaining and indifference to him. I felt myself aging far more quickly then I should have. Every day became a burden. My gastroenterologist began to talk about removing half of my colon as he feared by leaving it it would become cancerous. In desperation I tried all kinds of health food products like juice plus tablets, Shaklee and Herbalife, Natures Way, protein drinks, etc. I drank gallons of Aloe Vera juice, took enzyme tablets. I tried acupuncture treatments, and shark cartiledge, and every other fad that came on the market. They were all worthless. I read a book on juices and drank them for two weeks and the colitis got worse.

The gastroenterologist sent me to a Psychiatrist who placed me on anti-depressent drugs. I had more colonoscopys (at $3,000.00 plus apiece) and all I got was that he said the condition was getting worse...I could have told him that!!!

By 1993 1 was having skin outbreaks and my hair was getting thin. I was anemic. I began to seriously contemplate suicide.

My cousin Cathy, who was one of your patients years ago when you were in Fairmount, continued to urge me to go see you in Marietta. I told her that I had been going to Chiropractors for years without getting help, and that I had seen Nutritionists without help either, but she was insistent and said that you came from a hygienic perspective, had a variety of skills in your background ,and would be able to get down to the source of my problems without crazy gimmicks or secret potions.

I was skeptical but called and talked with your wife Bianca who was very sweet and encouraged me to come in to talk with you. I delayed coming for another four months as I had become sick of doctors, and was running low on funds.., but Cathy continued to urge me so I came in.

I waited an hour in your office filling out forms before you saw me, but then you spent an hour with me. After examining and talking with me at length you told me that it was likely that I could get better, but that I would need laboratory tests to analyze how my body was functioning. These were different then the many tests the M.D.'s had performed. You said that getting well would take effort on my part. Unlike other Chiropractors I had been to, you did not twist my arm to be under your care, but explained what it would entail and the costs of testing telling me that you did want me to go through the expense of testing if I was not going to follow through with the necessary effort.

For the first five weeks under your care the symptoms increased as you warned me would likely happen. Then gradually my bowels stopped cramping, I passed no more blood, my muscle and joint pains went away, and my energy returned. I felt like I was in a dream state, it did not seem real. I quit all the drugs I was on. You fasted me, put me on a series of different diets, removed allergens, had me take different nutrients based on my lab tests, got rid of a yeast overgrowth, and had me do special breathing exercises as well as modify some of my other habits.

Now a year later I can report that I am renewed. I feel better then I did when I was in my twenties. I threw away the phone numbers of all the doctors I saw before (after telling them that they needed to go back to school and learn natural healing). I have an active work and social life and am exercising again. My skin has taken on a glow, my office workers tell me how great I look, and I thank the Lord that he brought me under your guidance with all the experience you have and your insights into health problems.

I know your job is a hard one. You have to not only deal with patients who have been brainwashed by their doctors, and by other so called health professionals, you also have the endless job of having to undo the damage that is done by other doctors who are so foolish as to treat patients with never ending drugs and even stupid so called natural remedies, rather than getting down to the cause of their problems and addressing them at the root level.

You have my never ending gratitude.

Rosalyn Baker
Huntsville, Alabama


27 Jan 1997

Subject:         To All Seeking Improved Health - My Test Results and Observations

Dear Dr. Goldberg:

In September, 1996, I had a physical checkup. My MD said everything looked fine. My cardiologist recommended lowering my cholesterol and prescribed a medication to assist in doing so. Asking what were the side affects, … only some interference with liver enzymes". Not liking the sound of that prospect, I, instead, went to see Dr. Goldberg, a nutritionist.

Corrective approach taken is strictly nutritional. Check the following table of blood test readings, and weight, to see what resulted with me. Very good! Total cholesterol went from 195 to 160, and triglycerides went from 106 to 58. My cardiologist says "Keep it up".

The emphasis is to pursue a health supporting diet. Some exercise is also healthful. Now, take note of some other results I have observed after just a short time on the diet recommended by Dr. Goldberg, and as defined in the book: The McDougall Plan, by John A. McDougall, M.D. and Mary A. McDougall. Personal observations follow.

Arthritis: I have been bothered some by arthritis. Currently my joints are generally improved and are bothered less by pain during movement.
Sciatic nerve: For some time I have experienced pain from the sciatic nerve in my right thigh. Currently, this is much less a problem and scarcely notice any pain at all.
Skin: My skin is now less oily and displays a more plyable condition. Cracking around by finger tips beside the nails is much less a problem this winter than usual.
Digestive system: What can I say? It works great! I have noticed increased saliva activity. There is no more problem with diarrhea.
Coronary arteries: A few years ago, I had angioplasty done, twice, to open the left main coronary artery which was about 90 percent blocked. Restricted blood flow indicators I had in my chest had continued to tell me of restrictions. Currently those indicators are completely gone.
Leg muscle cramps: Working at a desk, which I do, does nothing for one's health status. Occasionally, on weekends I work significantly at some outside task that needs done. Often, upon doing this, I suffer from leg cramps for a couple days. Just recently, after doing such a major task, I had no indications of leg cramps or attempted cramps at all!
Congestion: It used to be normal that during the night I would stuff up and have some trouble breathing. Currently, evening and night breathing remains easy and there is very little congestion and stuffiness.
Weight: Simply put, one's weight will come to wherever it is natural to be. Concentrate, instead, upon pursuing a health supporting diet.

My conclusion? I plan to stick to the program! There are too many benefits not to. It works for improved health in ways I didn't even expect. Thank you Dr. Goldberg!

Harvey A. Dale


January 5, 1996

Dear Dr. Goldberg;

I would like to thank you for devoting time to me and expressing a sincere interest in my health. Developing a personal diet for me has given me insight in how important proper nutrition is. I started as a patient of yours in September 1996. At that time I weighed 203 lbs and my cholesterol level was 222 mg/dl. With a family history if Arteriosclerosis and diabetes, I thought it was high time I did something about my health at age 40. Without the use of drugs and merely a holistic approach to health and with your guidance I lost 25 lbs. And dropped my cholesterol level to 155 mg/dl in just 6 weeks. Whow! Do I feel terrific. You showed me how to take control of my health in the right way. I enjoyed working with you and would recommend you to my patients. Thank-you for giving me direction.

Yours truly,
Ronald Delsani,
Future Doctor of Chiropractic

August 22, 2001

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

Here at last is my belated thank you story for your patient album. Sorry it's taken me so long to write. I've been singing your praises and referring to you those looking for improved health for over a year, now I am documenting my progress in hopes that It can help others, like myself, who are having problems becoming pregnant.

Tn April 1996, my husband and I were married. We used no form of contraception and after over two years of marriage we were wondering why I never just "got pregnant". In the summer of 1998, we began Natural Family Planning (NFP) classes at our Catholic church not only as a means of having a natural form of contraception, but more to know when the fertile times wore so that we could choose to plan a family. After a couple of months we were seeing that my charts didn't look like the examples of those seen in class. We queried our instructors who said the charts were looking like those of a woman who is breastfeeding who would be having an anovulatoiy cycle. I was a bit concerned when they said we might want to consult a doctor if my charts did not change. We charted my cycles for many months and by May 1999 it appeared that I had only had one cycle with a true ovulation. It was obvious to us that without a release of eggs there would be no baby.

In May 1999, I sought out a doctor who was familiar with NIP (or Sympto- Thermal Method). Not many doctors are truly knowledgeable about this method. My experience with gynecologists over the years had been the same when I asked about my irregular and extremely painful periods - they all say, "take the pill". I tried it for 1-2 years in my early 20's and stopped because I knew that it was not solving my problems, only covering them up. Upon my first visit, my GYN looked at my charts and stated that I was not ovulating, that by most standards one possibly two ovulations in almost a year's time is considered sterile, and I had polycystic ovarian disease. Needless to say I was devastated. I was in a daze as I underwent tests to check my thyroid, blood sugar and hormone levels. She wanted to put me on glucophage, a drug used for diabetics but I was not, And her words still ring in my head, "I can get you pregnant." Tempting offer but I felt that I wasn't a sickly person that should need artificial means to conceive. I never did have any tests to determine if my ovaries were cystic or not so I don't know how she decided I had a disease just by looking at me and my charts. I have always led a natural lifestyle and was concerned about eating good food and not taking medications - well, I would take Advil when my cramps were unbearable even though I have a fairly high tolerance for pain. The cramps would get so bad that I couldn't stand, I would get nauseated, curl up in fetal position and sometimes vomit.

Starting September 1999, I began seeing Dr. Goldberg. My husband had been one of his students and felt that he could help me get my body as clean and healthy as possible to function properly. This could be done naturally and then even if I didn't get pregnant I would still be in better health. Many different factors can affect ovulation - mostly hormones - much of which is affected by nutrition. I prefer to try more conservative methods before drugs are utilized. So, I began my testing with Dr. Goldberg, diet analysis, and went on a liquid diet for 7-10 days. I thought there was no way I could survive all that time just by drinking that nasty, chalky shake. I loved food and what's worse, I worked in a restaurant as a server carrying plate after plate of yummy food. It was torture at first but after about 3-4 days into the liquid fast, I started feeling clean, light and empty (in a good way) on the inside. My mind became very clear and there came a sense of freedom from not having to figure out, find and cook food three times a day. When I was allowed to start eating vegetables and brown rice, it was amazing how delicious the food tasted and how it was appreciated. Weight came off quickly and steadily which was an added benefit to this regime. I was so determined to be healthy, to be able to have a baby, that it really wasn't that difficult to stay on Goldberg's plan.
Time went by, I lost weight quickly at first then slowly and I kept charting my cycle as before. In the beginning of 2000, I finally had a cycle with a true ovulation and I was so excited! But next cycle was anovulatory as before and I became discouraged. I recall crying in Dr. Goldberg's office that I was never going to have a baby. He told me to be patient and to stay on the course and that it takes many months to see results. I did have results already - I was physically feeling great, I had no headaches anymore, my periods were no longer painful, my skin cleared up, and I lost 28 lbs.(wearing a size 3 pants!), but I still didn't have the result I wanted. I was being a model patient and eating/ not eating everything I was supposed to. My physical housekeeping was in order, but I was still sad.

Throughout the Lenten season at church, as always, it is a time of repentance and forgiveness. But for sonic reason the message was stronger and louder than ever this year than in years past. It seemed there were words of forgiveness in every song we sang and every homily spoken. A true calling to go to confession and clear the slate no matter how much time had passed. Well it had been a long time since I bad gone to confession. Much time had passed, so much that I truly could not remember how much - at least ten years most likely longer. I regularly attended and participated in mass and was very faithful, but I never cared for the idea of having a mediary to God. Why couldn't I just speak to Him directly and apologize which is what I always do? There was one transgression in particular that I regretted deeply and repeatedly asked for forgiveness, and I believe God beard and forgave. But I never felt it in my heart and I never completely forgave myself. The err had been seven years past but it kept resurfacing/haunting me frequently. I kept feeling that God was calling me, I literally heard Him through the readings. Plus 2000 was a Jubilee year- a year of forgiveness and starting anew. Many opportunities for confession came and went - I was conveniently working so of course I couldn't attend. Oh well, missed it. Maybe next time. But there seemed to be a lot of next times being offered. More than I ever noticed before. It surely wasn't a coincidence. Being the consummate procrastinator that I am, I waited until Lent was almost over and Easter had almost arrived. I recalled the announcement about confession being offered at the Cathedral which was good because it wasn't my church and I hoped no one would know me. I remember the day vividly, I went after work during the day. Many times I wanted to turn the car around. I got there and didn't want to go in. I went in and carefully surveyed the system and then I really wanted to leave. Gone were the dark booths where no one could see you - not even the priest. It was all out in the open. Just stations with two chairs and one priest were scattered around the church with not an ounce of coverage. When did everything change! It was then that I realized I had stayed away too long, I sat watching the system for half an hour before getting up the nerve to go to one of the stations. When I got there, I was so scared I could barely get the words out say what I needed to. The priest was very kind and helped me through the prayers that I had so long ago forgotten. To audibly hear the words, "You are forgiven" "This is forgotten in the eyes of God, now you must forgive yourself", was so wonderful and freeing. I left the church as I had entered, crying, but this time the tears were of joy, relief and pride in myself that I bad faced my demons and cast the past away. I learned a valuable lesson about the rituals of the church that I thought were needless. I learned humility and that I was worthy to be forgiven most importantly by myself The world looked new again and I felt clean inside - like a new person!

April and May 2000 were difficult. My birthday reminded me I was getting older and being childless on Mother's Day is too depressing for words, not to motion the well meaning, unsuspecting people wishing me a happy Mother's Day as though they were wishing me a Happy New Year. It was more than I could bear. My birthday was very sad, and to add insult to injury, I had my period. It was like my womb was crying too because it was empty. My husband took me out to lunch and then we went to a park. We sat in the car crying, he trying to reassure me that everything would work out. I finally let go of the need to give birth to a child. We didn't want to go through artificial means to conceive. We came to the agreement that what we really wanted was just a child to love and that if we couldn't conceive, then there were plenty of children in the world that we could adopt. We really discussed the issue thoroughly and were content to do so if "plan A" didn't fabricate.

I had also been evaluating my job situation. I was presently in an unrewarding, monotonous job that I daily hated, truly hated. Besides guiding my health, Dr. Goldberg questioned why I was in an unsatisfying job and asked me to think about what I wanted out of my work. I wanted to make family a priority and to have a job that I enjoyed, that was flexible so that I could care for our children so that they would not be in day care. I stumbled into massage therapy when I went to an open house with my husband at Atlanta School of Massage. We both became interested in massage for a career and I started school in May full time during the day. I started school first because my husband bad been going to school since we were married and now it was time for him to support me through school. It had been many years since I was in school and I forgot bow much I loved to learn and use my brain. I was very happy and preoccupied with school when, guess what? I got pregnant!!!!! June 13th to be exact (I keep very good charts). We took a home pregnancy test on July 8th and we jumped fur joy! We were so excited - it almost didn't seem real.

Dr. Goldberg did a double take when I told him. I received excellent prenatal care from Dr. Goldberg and my midwife. Both their philosophies were that a healthy baby starts with good nutrition, green veggies, quality supplementation, lots of water, much rest, etc. I had a lot of great personal care from both of them as well as my chiropractor who was training to be a doula as well. She was fantastic support at my home birth. I had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy - no morning sickness, no edema, no headaches - it was text book. I loved every minute of it, every kick and stage of development. In my mind, I could have stayed pregnant forever which is probably why I spent 5 of my 20 hours of real labor pushing! I had spent so long focusing on getting and becoming pregnant that I hadn't fully worked out the reality of actually having a baby. I was on the threshold of motherhood and it took me a while to transition (mentally) into that next stage. I was thankful that I was at home and we had created the environment where I could work at my own pace. The baby's vitals were always excellent - it was although he was just fine banging out until I worked through what I needed to.

On March 14, 2001, I gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy baby boy named Jake. 7lbs., 2oz. he was truly perfect. I have never felt so much gratitude to God, my family and friends with their countless prayers for us, my birth team, and of course Dr. Goldberg for "getting me pregnant"!

I don't think it was any one thing that enabled me to become pregnant, but it was the cumulative effect of my physical, spiritual, emotional and mental housekeeping that prepared the nest for my Jake. It all started with Dr. Goldberg and for that I will forever be thankful to him. It has been very empowering to take charge of my own health and the choices surrounding my life, Jake is a constant reminder of the good choices I have made and all the hard work and sacrifice needed to get to this place in my life.
I now lead a wonderfully mundane life of changing diapers, breastfeeding 5-7 hours a day and spending precious, amazing fantastic time with Jake!

Thank you. My life will never be the same!,

Shannon P.
Kennesaw, GA

P.S. Please feel free to give out my name and number to anyone who is having similar problems and would like to ask me about my experiences.


November 14, 2008

Dear Dr. Goldberg:

Our daughter Meaghan who is now eighteen years of age was up until about 2 years ago a normal, healthy, young girl.  She was a cheerleader on both the school and on a competition team, took tap, jazz and ballet lessons, played center forward on her soccer team, rode horses, motorcycles and ATVs.

Meaghan's vision and hearing began to be a problem a while back.  Her vision was corrected with glasses and then contacts. Her hearing became weaker and weaker and she got to the point where she communicated mostly by reading lips, another reason her vision was so important.  She saw many doctors over the years, and she was diagnosed with multiple allergies to most trees, grasses, dust and mold.  A couple of the doctors told us there was nothing wrong with her at all, and that her hearing was “selective”.  She began having digestive problems and was diagnosed with anorexia.   Her weight was usually about 120 and she was solid muscle but this began to change.

In August 2006, at 16 years old, Meaghan began having problems with her balance and continued to get worse daily.  We were told by her medical physicians she would be dead by the next Christmas.  Thanksgiving of that year found her in a wheelchair.   By Christmas, she was unable to use her hands and the medical doctors told us she would not see another birthday.  There were CAT Scans, MRIs, blood tests, and DNA tests all to try and locate the problem.  

 In March of 2007, after months of testing and years of being told nothing was wrong, it was decided she needed a muscle biopsy to find if she had what is called Mitochondria Disease.  Several days after the testing she passed out and was brought to the hospital where they said she was dehydrated, given fluids, and released. Several days later, she beginning choking on some food and collapsed.  By the time they got to the hospital, she had stopped breathing and turned blue.  She was revived, stabilized and brought to Scottish Rite.  She weighed into the hospital at only 88 pounds.  They began what they called the "mito cocktail" which was about 1/2 dozen or so supplements which were given to any child who presented with mitochondria disease. 

 We were told that whenever patients had 3 areas affected, it was labeled “mitochondria disease”.  For Meaghan, it was her hearing, vision and digestive tract all of which had gotten progressively weaker.  She was in the hospital for a month. 

 At the hospital, they put her on breathing machine because her lungs were shutting down.   She had ongoing breathing treatments and wore a vest to help with the lungs breathing and to prevent pneumonia.  A feeding tube was inserted because her stomach was not working. They ran a sleep test and diagnosed her with sleep apnea.   They put diapers on her because she couldn't control her bodily functions. 

 The doctors then recommended that we allow them to put her into an induced coma because she would be out of pain.  Meaghan kept telling us that she knew she was going to die but that she wanted to be lucid and aware of her surroundings when that happened. 

They finally released her from the hospital, because she told them she would get better at home…or die there.  She was released to home with nursing care.
Meaghan got better at home but remained nearly bedridden.  The doctors told us that she would never get better and that the best we could hope for was to stabilize her and keep her status quo.  For nearly a year, we continued with these doctors. 

Meaghan had some slight improvement with but no one knew why and the medical doctors said just continue doing whatever you are doing.  We began feeding her orally, anything high calorie to try and get her weight up.  Nutritional value was secondary to calorie content and we were not told otherwise medically.  We continued with a couple supplements as prescribed.  Finally, we decided that we needed to find a doctor who was actually interested in her getting better because although she was doing a little better, she was still non-productive.

Dr. Goldberg was recommended by an acquaintance, who said if anyone can do something, this is the guy who will know what to do. 

When she first met with Dr. Goldberg, her skin was ashen; she was pretty non-responsive. In order to get her attention, you would have to tap her shoulder… her eyes were cloudy; her hair was straight and brittle (she has naturally curly hair); she walked all hunched over; her hands were balled up.

At the time Meaghan's her diet was supplemented by 4 cans of 375 calorie nutrition drink with a lot of sugar in it that was fed through her feeding tube (it was prescribed that she have 8-10 cans a day and no food); her feet were always cold and purple and when she breathed, it was labored. 

There have been remarkable changes since we have been seeing Dr. Goldberg for the past 6 months.   First and foremost, Meaghan no longer has a feeding tube and is able to take her food all orally with a good appetite.  She no longer has any signs of anorexia.  We believe the basic problem was that her body was not digesting the food properly. The curls in her hair have returned!  Her skin is healthy looking.  She now walks erect, although still a bit wobbly.  She has been attempting to write again which was not possible before.  Her eyes are clear and full of life and expression and she is much more able to communicate again.  She dresses herself, showers herself, brushes her own teeth and prepares simple meals for herself.  She now spends a good deal of time on her computer talking with friends and taking on line college courses. 

Meaghan has made great progress. She is not back to 100% of what she was prior to August 2006, but she also is not "status quo" as the medical doctors suggested.  She is entirely off the supplements that were given to her and after extensive very specific testing by Dr. Goldberg, Meaghan takes the appropriate nutrient supplements and diet that are necessary to her individual health concerns. She is no longer taking pills of any kind simply because they fit the remedy to a disease label.

When we first went to Dr. Goldberg he promised us nothing but said he would like to try to help us.  In our minds, we figured, we would give him a year.  What did we have to lose with such a terrible prognosis from the medical profession? As it turns out we haven't lost anything and have gained a great deal. 

Meaghan has made great progress under Dr. Goldberg's care and we believe she will continue to improve now that we are on the right track with the care, education and materials that Dr. Goldberg has provided.


Gloria McConnell
(Meaghan's Mother)


December 12, 2008
When I came to see Dr. Goldberg I had been diagnosed five years ago with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I had actually suffered with symptoms for ten years and had been to six different doctors. My symptoms included diarrhea (sometimes 4-6 times between breakfast and lunch), gas, bloating and anal itching (which was getting unbearable). Dr. Goldberg ordered special tests, which revealed that I had food allergies. I have also had sinus problems for years.

I went on Dr. Goldberg's individualized program for me. I have not had a headache since and no sinus trouble.

My bowels are already 90% improved; the itching is gone…all after three and a half weeks. I have lost 19 pounds and my complexion looks great.
Thank you Dr. Goldberg for helping me to improve so quickly. Thank the Lord for answered prayer and for Dr. Goldberg.
Phyllis Wood

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