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Paul A. Goldberg, M.P.H., D.C., D.A.C.B.N.
Clinical Nutritionist, Clinical Epidemiologist, Diplomate of The American Clinical Board of Nutrition, Certified Natural Hygiene Practitioner

"Causes Identified... Causes Addressed... Health Restored"

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis of G.I. or Allergic Origin
  • Other Rheumatoid and
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chronic Digestive/ Gastro Intestinal Disorders
  • IBS, IBD, Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Functional Blood Sugar Disorders
  • Functional Depression
  • Pre-Mature Aging
  • Functional Hormone Issues
  • Headaches/Migraine
    Muscle/Joint/Spine Issues
  • Weight Problems
  • Skin Related Issues
  • Stress Related Syndromes
  • Yeast Related Problems
  • Other Chronic Health Issues

Diagnosed With
Rheumatoid Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

Physicians told Dr. Goldberg as a young man that he would be permanently crippled by severe rheumatoid disease, accompanied by advanced ulcerative colitis, environmental allergies, chronic fatigue and psoriasis (see picture on left). Through the study and disciplined application of nutritional biochemistry, clinical epidemiology and natural hygiene, he recovered his health (current picture on right).
Since that time, for over thirty years, Dr. Goldberg has successfully helped chronically ill patients from across the U.S. recover from a wide variety of difficult, chronic, conditions by carefully seeking out and addressing the individual causes of ill health.
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Patient Letters, Page 4

The first fifty are patient letters alone.  For a more in depth look at some of our patients successes an additional Sixty Seven Case Studies are accompanied by a clinical explanation of the patient's background by Dr. Goldberg. There are also an additional Twenty Four Rheumatoid Disease case studies focusing on patients with Rheumatoid Diseases.

Also see patient letters page 1, letters page 2, letters page 3,
letters page 5 and letters page 6.

"My husband and I are just thrilled to see changes in such a short period of time....I want to thank you for your encouragement. It's one thing to equip a patient with the knowledge, tools, and instruction they need to get better, it's another to give them hope and encouragement along the way."

Following conditions are addressed in these 10 letters:

  1.  stomach ulcers, headaches, back pain, joint pain
  2.  back pain, hip pain, no energy, insomnia, blood sugar, food allergies, high blood pressure
  3.  psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis
  4.  skin problems, arthritis, colon problems
  5.  stiffness in joints, bloating, stomach pains
  6.  constipation, digestive problems
  7.  memory loss, fatigue, depression, dizziness
  8.  arthritis, joint and muscle pains, stomach problems
  9.  asthma, allergies
  10. hypothyroidism, synthroid drug dependance


April 1991
Dear Dr. Goldberg:

I am not one prone to write testimonials. After 13 years of floundering around trying to get well, and then getting well after only four months of care with you I feel I have to share my experience.
My stomach ulcers were getting unbearable. REALLY UNBEARABLE. No body, no doctor helped me to any extent. My life was getting to be a constant misery. Running from doctor to doctor to doctor of every type. Meanwhile, I developed headaches and was starting to get joint and back pain. You were right. It is all connected. When you wanted to get samples of my hair and stool in addition to my blood samples, I thought you must be nuts. The information you turned up, and what you did with it in getting me well..., its unbelievable!!! All those years that I suffered needlessly!!! All that money I wasted with other doctors and their prescriptions!

You are one in a million!!! My life is now a joy rather than a misery, and now I understand how I can stay well and out of the doctors office. My wife says I am like a new person….and she is right!!

Yes, it took a little patience on my part, and the willingness to participate in my healing program, but the rewards were enormous.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Edward T. Sample


March 24, 2000

Dear Dr. Goldberg:

Thank-you for helping me get on a healthy track. For the last ten years I have been in declining health. The breaking point was after the birth of my second baby. I had no energy, severe insomnia, low back pain, blood sugar imbalances, and severe hip pain and was overweight. At 30 years old I was looking at years of ill health. The first place I went was to my chiropractor. He did numerous x-rays and adjustments. I wouldn't hold my adjustments and found no relief from the excruciating pain. It was depressing! Next I was referred to an orthopedic doctor. Two MRI's and six weeks of physical therapy didn't do any good. I was just out of a lot of time and money but saw no relief. I went to an endocrinologist for my blood sugar and thyroid problems. All he said was it was something "I just would have to deal with for the rest of my life". That was not encouraging! I was at my wits end. I was in so much pain I couldn't do anything but lay on the couch. My husband and I had to have meals brought in by our Sunday school class and we hired someone to come in and take care of our two little girls. I went back to the chiropractor and just happened to ask about a "nutritionist". That is when I found Dr. Goldberg. My first visit I cried because I knew this was my last hope of maybe restoring my health and quality of life.

Dr. Goldberg told me he wanted me to concentrate on getting me healthy and that as a result my complaints could be resolved. He reccomended I have several tests done to see what was going on with me. I had the tests done and they revealed high cholesterol, low amino acids, yeast overgrowth, food allergies, the wrong kinds of bacteria in my intestines, along with high blood pressure. This along with my insulin and thyroid made me a walking time bomb.

First Dr. Goldberg put me on a liquid diet for ten days. Within five days my hip pain was completely gone. My blood pressure normalized and I lost 12 pounds. After day ten we began to introduce some whole natural foods. To date as of six weeks later, my blood pressure is normal, my hip pain has not returned, I sleep great, I have lots of energy, I have lost 20 pounds, and my cholesterol is down 37 points, and last but not least my adjustments have held for six weeks I

I have learned that the right food is so important for optimum health. If we don't take care of ourselves we get sick. I am living proof that poor eating habits can result in poor quality of life and ill health. I am just glad that I got the right help and am now healthy and happy. Thank-you Dr. Goldberg.

Lori Ballington
Marietta, Georgia


My name is Robert Chapman.
I am twenty-six years old and live in Lafayette, Indiana. I have had psoriasis for ten years and Psoriatic Arthritis for about a year. My condition finally got to the point that I had to try a new treatment. The drugs and creams were not working. I heard of Dr. Goldberg from my sister and decided to give him a try. Well, I am glad that I did. I have been under his care for a month and most of the pain and swelling from the Arthritis has gone. I also have seen a very noticeable improvement in the psoriasis. I have great faith and respect for Dr. Goldberg's method of healing and would recommend that anyone that has health problems of any kind could benefit from his treatment. I feel that I owe Dr. Goldberg for my new life.

Bob Chapman



Dear Dr. Goldberg -
All I can say is wow! I can't believe how great I feel after all these years of feeling so bad. My colon problems gone. My arthritis almost gone. I sleep well for the first time in 20 years. My skin has cleared up and I've got loads of energy!

All that money I invested on M.D.'s and drugs!
All that money I wasted going to other chiropractors and therapists!
All that nonsense about not being able to get better!
You found the causes of my disease and together we got me well.
You were right - it takes some guidance & patience but the results were well worth it. I figured I spent over $ 24,000 in doctor bills just in the past 12 years and only got worse and spent only a fraction of that with you (mostly for tests) and now have the answers that have made me well & can keep me well.
Thank-you for your patience with me, your understanding, and your wisdom & kindness. I am indebted to you for a new life.

Ellen Rubin


August 21, 1992

To Whom It May Concern:

If you are waiting to see Dr. Goldberg, congratulations! You are taking a very important first step toward sound health. I have been a patient of Dr. Goldberg's for 5 months and have never felt better.

Initially I came to Dr. Goldberg's office with complaints of stiffness in my joints, bloating and stomach pains which were, at times severe. This condition worsened when my stiff joints became painful and swollen. Even on good days, it took me forever to get out of bed in the morning, due to the pain in every joint in my body. On several occasions, my knees and ankles became so swollen I was unable to walk at all. I found myself literally incapacitated.

I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, but the results were negative. I became very frustrated and worried, not knowing what was wrong with me, and not making any improvement either. I felt as though my 33 years of age had tripled. I was very scared.

Through his knowledge and experience Dr. Goldberg was able to solve the case. My problem was one of increased intestinal permeability. With enzymes, a smart diet and proper exercise, Dr. Goldberg has helped me feel and look better than ever. I never really knew what it was like to feel this good. I had always accepted that the way I felt was the way I was supposed to feel.

I very much dislike going to doctors. In fact, I'm a lunatic when it comes to illness. I literally had to be dragged in by my loving husband to see Dr. Goldberg. It was unquestionably the smartest move I have ever made. Dr. Goldberg has always been extremely sensitive to my problems; he listens patiently to my fears and concerns, and takes the time to answer my many questions. I am comfident that by following his advice, I will continue to enjoy good health.

Thank you Dr. Goldberg. I feel great!


Laura Rabin
Marietta, Georgia


February 3, 2001

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

My husband and I were so encouraged after our last trip down to Atlanta to see you. We had prayed several months over my health before God led me to your web-site last fall. We give thanks to God for the healing that's taking place in my body through your instruction, expertise, and guidance. We recognize you and your clinic to be the answer to our prayers.

I can't imagine where I'd be right now, much less in five or ten years, if we hadn't found you when we did. I knew my digestive system had gotten worse, but I had no idea what was wrong or how to fix it. I cringe when I remember the tests doctors put me through (a barium enema and sigmoidoscopy) only to tell me that everything was "normal". Okay, so I didn't have cancer, but did that mean my constipation was normal and something I just had to live with for the rest of my life? Their last attempt to remedy my constipation was to give me stool softeners, but these didn't work any better than their other suggestions: eating bran cereal every morning or taking Metamucil twice a day. I was beginning to think there were no other alternatives.

My husband and I are just thrilled to see changes in such a short period of time. The diagnostic tests were so enlightening. Finally, there was someone to show us what was going on in my body. Between the systemic yeast infection, low amino acids levels, food allergies, and absence of two types of good bacteria in my gut, it's no wonder that my bowels weren't moving properly through my colon. The new diet has been so good for us as we are both eating healthier. I've lost an incredible amount of weight and my bowels are moving better than they have in years! It's just thrilling to be adopting a healthy lifestyle after so many years of ignorance, abuse, and neglect.

I want to thank you for your encouragement. It's one thing to equip a patient with the knowledge, tools, and instruction they need to get better, it's another to give them hope and encouragement along the way. Your kindness, my husband's steadfast commitment to walk this road with me, and the loving grace of my God have enabled me to make great strides toward health, healing, and wholeness. Thanks again, Dr. Goldberg. I wish you had a clinic in every U.S. city so millions more could be helped as I am.

Many Thanks,
Shawna R. Kelly
Greenville, SC

February, 1993


Thank you Dr. Goldberg there has been a different direction in my life because of you.

The beginning of 1992 had a definite turn in my life. I was having memory loss, fatigue, depression and dizziness. I was given a CT scan and MRI: however, the finding from the tests did not show a reason for my symptoms. Then in August, through the help of my son who is a chiropractic student at Life College, recommended Dr. Goldberg to me.

Dr. Goldberg made tests to determine the reason for the way I felt. After analyzing the tests and weeks on a special diet, he has made me feel like a new person. The way I look and feel reflects my overall good health. I am much more alert, able to cope, no longer dizzy and have a lot more energy. Dr. Goldberg and I together accomplished my overall good health through improved eating habits, supplements and chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Goldberg, I again thank you and appreciate your knowledge to help me.

Jackie Guswell


November 1992

Hi Dr. Goldberg!

As you suggested, I wanted to write you and let you know how I am doing. You may, as you asked, type my letter and send it back to me for me to sign and then share it with other patients.

I must have been one of your toughest patients, not just because of the type of chronic problems I had, but because it was so hard to convince me to stay with the program you designed for me. I did want instant relief and instant answers even though I had been sick for at least two years when I first came to see you and nobody had been able to help me.

I really could not understand why you were so interested in my stomach and intestines. I mean, I came to see you about my arthritis which had gotten so severe. I did have lots of stomach problems but I did not see how that was connected to joint and muscle pains. Then those stool analyses by you.. .then the permeability studies, then the allergy studies... if I had not been so desperate I would have never done them... .and even after I did all the tests you still told me it was going to take some time to get well... .no instant relief!! I was going to give up. Then I figured that since no one else had given me any real hope (except a couple other doctors who gave me a song and dance routine about faith in modern medicine, or the Chiropractor who told me that about 50 visits to his office would have me back in good shape after I had already seen him 25 times without any improvement at all). So, I changed my diet, I went through the detoxification program, I let you adjust my back (right, see I did not say "pop" my back!), I took the supplements, I went on a liquid diet, I took the stuff you said would help decrease the permeability in my gut, I stayed away from the allergens, I read the two books you made me read by Shelton and Allen, and all the other directions and about three months later I woke up one morning to find that I felt less stiffness. I found that my bowels were beginning to work better without the cramping I used to have, that my toes were not painful anymore, that my energy increased, and many other health benefits. I did some of the Yoga you talked to me about, but not all of it on a regular basis.

Today I am much, much, better. Most importantly I find that I am gradually getting more improvement and not continuing to go downhill like I was before. What I also like is now I am becoming less dependent on Doctors. No more reliance on running to the Chiropractor three times a week, or to the pharmacy for drugs. You taught me how to take care of myself, what was wrong and what to do about it.

I am teaching my kids some of the things you taught me so that they can learn how to take better care of themselves too! You are doing very important work and those who continue to be doctor dependent for their health deserve the illness they have in my opinion. We need more real doctors like you who teach people how they got sick and how they can get well and stay well.

Need I tell you how grateful I am to you?

With Warmest Regards,
Mrs. Karen Butler


Dear Dr. Goldberg:

It has been five months since I first came to see you, and I wanted to let you know what has happened as a result of your care and expertise.

I originally came to see you because I was sick of being sick. Having suffered with asthma and allergies all my life, I was susceptible to every virus that came along. In 1994, I was on antibiotic therapy six different times.

I felt tired all the time. Even with 9 hours of sleep a night, and often a nap during the day, I still felt sluggish and listless. I had no energy to live my life.

I am absolutely amazed and delighted by the results I have gotten. During the past five months, I became sick only one time, and I recovered in 1 week! That is amazing. I have cut down on the medications I take for the asthma and allergies, and I have completely eliminated allergy shots. My energy level has increased, and I need less sleep. As an added bonus, I have lost 30 pounds!

Your program is something I can stay with for the rest of my life. When people ask me how long I have to stay on this diet, I tell them I'm not ON a diet, I CHANGED my diet.

Thank you for your help and encouragement.


Carol A. Rundle
Hampton GA 30228


December 1993

I came to Dr. Goldberg because I wanted to stop using a synthetic thyroid medication (Synthroid). I had been taking it for seven and a half years.
I had heard Dr. Goldberg speak saying that he had had success in helping people reduce the dosage or eliminate the drug altogether. Until that time I had never even thought that I could or I should get off of Synthroid.
In 1985 I had symptoms of hypothyroidism. I was feeling sluggish, cold and lacked energy. I had a test done that showed my thyroxine level to be too low and an endocrinologist prescribed Synthroid to me. He said it would alleviate all of my symptoms, and it did. What he did not tell me was that over time Synthroid can cause ostereoporosis or it could actually "burn out" your thyroid gland.
On my first visit to Dr. Goldberg he asked me how I felt. "Fine", was my reply - although I did get my share of colds and was tired at times, I thought I could handle things alright. I was skeptical at first because I felt I had a pretty well balanced diet. After some tests were done he found that the two amino acids used to make thyroxine were at very low levels. With supplements of the amino acids plus a much better diet, I have been able to eliminate Synthroid.
It is hard to describe how much better I feel. I have gone from low energy to high. It's as if I was just getting by before. I am sleeping better and my appetite is much healthier.
If you are contemplating getting off a drug, Dr. Goldberg is very good at figuring out your particular health puzzle. There are ups and downs to recovery but don't get discouraged - just stay with it.

Claire Vinick

Dr. Paul Goldberg himself recovered from severe rheumatoid arthritis and colitis

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