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Rheumatoid Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

Physicians told Dr. Goldberg as a young man that he would be permanently crippled by severe rheumatoid disease, accompanied by advanced ulcerative colitis, environmental allergies, chronic fatigue and psoriasis (see picture on left). Through the study and disciplined application of nutritional biochemistry, clinical epidemiology and natural hygiene, he recovered his health (current picture on right).
Since that time, for over thirty years, Dr. Goldberg has successfully helped chronically ill patients from across the U.S. recover from a wide variety of difficult, chronic, conditions by carefully seeking out and addressing the individual causes of ill health.
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Rheumatic Disease Case Studies


  • In these case studies from his practice, Dr. Goldberg demonstrates the intimate relationships between the gastrointestinal tract, immune/allergic components and rheumatic diseases.


    Rheumatism & Arthritis book Patient Presentation:
    A forty three year old female presented with complaints of fatigue, severe joint pain and swelling, and generalized stiffness. She had been under medical care for eight years with her condition continuing to worsen.
    Her medical physician administered repeated courses of steroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs along with gold and methotrexate. These resulted in a number of side effects including liver inflammation, gastric bleeding, and facial swelling.

    She had received numerous chiropractic adjustments which gave partial temporary relief only. She was anxious over her deteriorating condition, but did not know what to do.

    Examination of the patient revealed joint stiffness/pain/swelling in multiple areas including the knees, ankles, wrists, and low back. The patient frequently had indigestion.

    Laboratory Studies:
    A blood chemistry, CBC, rheumatoid panel, diet and mineral analysis, intestinal permeability study, food allergy profile and sedimentation rate were performed. ...

    Program of Care:
    The patient was put on a detoxification program followed by a rotation diet with allergens being eliminated. [Ed. note: allergens = foods a person is allergic to.]
    Refined carbohydrates were eliminated. Steps were taken to reduce gut permeability, and appropriate nutrient supplementation was given.

    The first two weeks of the program were difficult and the patient experienced exacerbation of her symptoms. During the third week she noted improvement with reduced joint pain and improved vitality. By the fifth week joint swelling, redness and stiffness dissipated and the patient was able to take long walks with her husband. The sedimentation rate dropped from sixty to twelve. A follow up on the intestinal permeability showed it within normal limits.

    Follow Up:
    Two years later the patient continues to be healthy and symptom free as long as she continues her diet, obtains adequate rest and observes other hygienic factors.


    Patient Presentation:
    A twenty seven year old male presented with severe psoriatic arthritis with profuse scaling of the skin over more than eighty percent of the body. Accompanying the psoriasis was severe joint pain (sacroiliac joints, knees, elbows, fingers, and toes.) Radiographic studies revealed spondylosis (degeneration) of the neck with arthritic changes. There was moderate joint destruction of the toes. The patient was depressed, having consulted both Medical and Chiropractic Doctors for the past three years without success. He had been on numerous anti-inflammatory drugs which had caused gastrointestinal distress.

    Laboratory tests:
    The patient had a sedimentation rate in excess of 110 (0 to 10 is normal). Multiple food allergies and increased intestinal permeability was found. Blood studies revealed yeast overgrowth. The diet included junk foods and alcohol.

    Program of Care:
    The patient was briefly fasted to rest and desensitize the G.I. (gastro intestinal) tract. He obtained fresh air and natural sunlight daily along with an individualized natural foods diet (eliminating all allergens) with nutrient supplements and materials to reduce yeast growth.

    Within three weeks the joint pains disappeared, other than some minimal residual discomfort in the cervical spine. The psoriasis reduced by 70% by the fourth week with the remainder being less severe.

    Dermatological problems often originate in the gastrointestinal tract. A simultaneous occurrence of both skin and musculoskeletal problems is common. Imbalance of the G.I. tract caused by poor diet, allergen exposure, emotional stress, etc., can lead to both. By correction of G.I. problems, arthritic & dermotological complaints can often be corrected simultaneously.


    Patient Presentation:
    A twenty nine year old female presented with a ten year history of severe fatigue, joint pains, skin problems, and immune dysregulation. She had been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, and undergone years of corticosteroid usage including prednisone and methotrexate. She described her situation as "desperate" and was on the verge of suicide. Her husband, a medical physician, tried to dissuade her from consulting with us since there was "nothing of any usefulness for her condition outside of the drugs that she was already taking".

    The patient appeared weak, pale, and had very poor muscle tone. She was despondent over her condition and had been convinced by her medical physicians over the years that her condition was permanent and would get worse with time. This had become a self-fullfilling prophecy. It took some time to convince the patient that her attitude needed to become more optimistic, that any recovery would be slow and difficult, but that due to her age, we were very hopeful that with hard work she could improve her health and vitality.

    Laboratory Studies:
    The patient was anemic, had extremely low amino acid levels and abnormal bowel flora. The diet consisted of refined carbohydrates, coffee, and fast foods. She had numerous food and inhalant allergies. A glucose tolerance test revealed dysinsulinism. Hair analysis revealed elevated aluminum, mercury, and cadmium.

    Program of Care:
    Major dietetic reform was initiated with elimination of allergens and refined carbohydrates. The patient was advised to avoid future dental silver/mercury amalgams and consider replacements with composite fillings. An amino acid blend was constructed based on her laboratory study. In addition to a whole foods diet, specific supplements were given to improve functioning of the body as a whole and the immune system specifically. Accupressure was employed. The patient began training in meditation and relaxation disciplines.

    The first several weeks were rough. The patient missed the stimulation of her coffee and junk food and suffered withdrawal symptoms as she avoided her food allergens. Within two months she began to notice improved energy and a decrease in muscle and joint pain. Her skin began to improve and her color became more healthy. Encouraged by the improvements, the patient increased her efforts and continued to reap health rewards. She ceased taking the steroids and methotrexate. Four years later the patient is pursuing a nursing career and enjoys good health. She has only occasional joint discomforts which she describes as "minor in nature."

    Rheumatoid And Other Autoimmune Disorders - learn more about Arthritis and Rheumatism.

    The publication "Rheumatoid Diseases (Arthritis and Rheumatism) " can be ordered from the Goldberg Clinic.
    "Twenty Four Arthritis And Rheumatism Case Studies" can be downloaded free as pdf-file
    More information here.

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