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Paul A. Goldberg, MPH, DC, DACBN
Clinical Nutritionist, Clinical Epidemiologist, Diplomate of The American Clinical Board of Nutrition, Certified Natural Hygiene Practitioner

"Causes Identified... Causes Addressed... Health Restored"

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Rheumatoid Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

Physicians told Dr. Goldberg as a young man that he would be permanently crippled by severe rheumatoid disease, accompanied by advanced ulcerative colitis, environmental allergies, chronic fatigue and psoriasis (see picture on left). Through the study and disciplined application of nutritional biochemistry, clinical epidemiology and natural hygiene, he recovered his health (current picture on right).
Since that time, for over thirty years, Dr. Goldberg has successfully helped chronically ill patients from across the U.S. recover from a wide variety of difficult, chronic, conditions by carefully seeking out and addressing the individual causes of ill health.
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Patient Information

  • General Approach
  • For prospective & new clients
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  • General Approach

    You may be discouraged at going from doctor to doctor unable to determine why you are ill. Perhaps you have tried taking drugs only to find that they mask your symptoms while allowing your health problems to continue.

    Employing comprehensive methods, Dr. Goldberg determines the underlying causes of your health problems through careful examination and modern testing procedures. We pinpoint the steps needed to resolve your health problems now, and protect your health for the future.

    Utilizing your examination and laboratory results, a program of care is developed. You are given an explanation of the findings, with personal copies of all reports. Patients are often amazed at the insights they receive as to why they became ill, and how they can recover. You are guided through an individual natural balancing program that often brings a rapid, positive response, even in cases of illness that are long standing.
    Our wholistic approach benefits a wide range of health problems by dramatically increasing the body's natural healing powers.

    Among conditions with which our patients have had excellent results are:

    Back, Neck and Joint Problems
    Chronic Fatigue
    Digestive and Bowel Disorders
    Pre-Mature Aging
    Muscle Pains/Rheumatism
    Nutritional Problems
    Weight Problems
    Stress Syndromes
    Auto, Sports and Work Related Accidents
    Chronic Health Problems
    Yeast Related Problems

    A full range of modern services are available to analyze your problem and return you to good health:

  • Allergy Testing
  • Immune System Profiles
  • Amino Acid Profiles
  • Digestion Analysis
  • Computerized Diet Analysis
  • Functional analysis of endocrine and immune systems
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Advanced Natural Approaches to Digestive and Arthritic Disorders
  • Gentle Chiropractic Services
  • Detoxification Programs
  • Physiotherapeutics
  • Intestinal Probiotic Assessment
  • Preventive Health Care
  • Complete Laboratory Services (including nutritional/metabolic testing)
  • Massage-Soft Tissue Therapies

    A Multi-disciplinary Approach - We combine the sciences of Clinical Nutrition, Natural Hygiene and Biological Medicine with progressive laboratory testing for an advanced, natural approach to health.
    Training - Dr. Goldberg holds degrees in Clinical Nutrition, Public Health, Chiropractic, is a Certified Natural Hygiene Physician and is a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. He is affiliated with progressive laboratories, a Chiropractic College, and other health professionals, to help solve even the most difficult health problems.
    Experience - A College Professor in Nutrition, Gastroenterology, Diagnosis and Preventive Medicine. A former director of a Nutrition and Fasting Institute. A researcher and writer in arthritis, chronic fatigue, and digestive tract disorders… all part of Dr. Goldberg's experience to bring you the skills to help you get well.
    Compassion -You know the frustration of being ill. The uncertainty of not knowing if you will be well again. The desire to put your health back in your own hands. We understand, and will help you get well in comfort, as a partner in the healing process.

    To get you well, even if you have been to other doctors without results.
    Achieve a high state of health for you without the use of drugs or surgery, using effective, natural, biological methods.
    To keep you healthy in the future.

  • What is detoxification?

    If you are a new or prospective client:

    Click here for a page with more information for new & prospective patients, about becoming a client at the Goldberg Clinic. It is recommended that you print and read it thoroughly if you are considering becoming a client.

    Find contact information here.

    If you have an appointment:

    We are pleased to have you come to our clinic for help with your health concerns. We want to do everything possible to insure that your visit will produce positive results.

    Dr. Goldberg will spend about one hour with you on your initial visit. If you have health records that are applicable to your problem, please bring them with you.

    Laboratory testing will be conducted the same day or the following weekday morning. Dr. Goldberg utilizes a number of different laboratories for advanced metabolic testing. If you have had standard medical laboratory work performed you may bring those tests for Dr. Goldberg to review. Advanced metabolic nutritional laboratory studies are done through Dr. Goldberg and the specialty laboratories we utilize. We can not use your medical records or tests performed by a Medical Physician for these purposes.

    Laboratory test results may take up to four weeks to complete, depending upon the nature of the tests performed. Patients receive copies of all tests, along with a suggested course of action to follow.

    Please be prepared to give Dr. Goldberg a concise health history. Some patients write an outline of their history for Dr. Goldberg to review and this is helpful. We want to be thorough in your case.

    There are a number of good hotels and motels in the vicinity of our office where patients can stay, including a Marriott, Days Inn, and others. These are within a mile of our office. Find maps and contact information here.. If you need more directions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

    Thank you for allowing us to help you. Be prepared to work hard to improve your health. We look forward to seeing you!

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